What is the replacement of the smartphone?

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Nowadays smartphones are owning this world and 8 out of 10 Americans are using smartphones. We are actually addicted to Smartphones and we use it for everything like listening to music, taking pictures and social media. Other than these reasons, we have one more reason which is “online shopping”. Smartphones are more secured and easier to use for financial transactions. So in short, mobile phones have taken the place in our everyday life, they have even replaced things like a tape measure, flashlight, and watches.

Our lives have completely transformed with these little devices. Mobile company Apple changed the whole scenario of the mobile industry by introducing iPhones in the market. iPhones were designed to combine mobile internet access with strong computing power. Apple iPhones were designed with a multitouch screen interface which was an amazing experience for the general public. It was so exciting to play a device by just touching it with a thumb or a forefinger.  A research revealed that we usually spend around five hours a day on our smartphones. We often find people bumping their heads while walking on the sidewalks because of their phone usage. Previous generations of mobile phones got replaced as progressive broadband speeds were introduced. In the year 2015, one survey was done on the smartphone users across the globe by a Swedish communications technology and services company named Ericsson, and they found that smartphones would become obsolete in the coming years. This survey generated a big question in everyone’s mind: What is going to replace smartphones? Tech experts predicted that technologies such as virtual reality, AI and augmented reality will take their place in our lives.

These technologies have taken a fixed position in our lives today. A major transition we have experienced was from “accessing the internet” to “living on the internet”. People presumed the futuristic device size as “palm-size”, which became a reality in the 21st century. The best example of these gadgets can be Samsung Smartphonesfoldable series.  This phone screen can be folded from the center and has multiple breath-taking features that can leave you mesmerized.

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Next-Gen intelligent assistants

Think about a scenario where virtual assistants like – Siri, Cortana and Alexa can figure out what exactly is in our brains and what we are going ask. It sounds fascinating, right? Yes, it is! Uldirch predicted that in the coming future, our gadgets will understand and study our eye movements and they will be able to make predictions based on that. These intelligent assistants of the future will be whispering in our ears or may display messages which will be visible to us only. Imagine you met a person a few days back but you forgot his or her name, and before you recall the name, your intelligent assistant gives you the name “That is Joseph!” which pops up immediately, even before you try to recall it. That sounds crazy but this is really our future and we will be experiencing this era soon.

This is really a painful fact that people are avoiding direct interaction with others. They prefer to text or chat with a person sitting far away. Today’s teens prefer to text or talk over the phones instead of making real-time friends.

Apps like “Tinder” have made our lives easier to meet strangers without any fears.

Though these smartphones or mobile phones have advanced our lives already, next-gen communication devices may change us in many other ways, which is still not envisioned.

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