Time travel: Dream or possible reality?

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Time travel is a favorite plot device in science fiction stories and films. In many movies, the time travel is due to unexplainable factors such as a too-close approach to a pretty bulky object like a black hole. “In Star Trek”, The Voyage Home, the plot device was a trip around the Sun that cast Kirk and Spock back to the 20th century Earth. In the famous movie series Back to the Future, the actors traveled both in the past and future in time. However, it is expressed in stories, traveling through time seems to excite people’s interest and kindle their thoughts. But, is such a thing possible?

The nature of time

It’s essential to remember that we are constantly traveling in the future. That’s the reality of space-time. This is why we remember the past rather than “remembering” tomorrow. The future is mostly unpredictable because it hasn’t arrived yet, but everyone has headed into it all the time.

To speed up the method, to peer further into the future, to experience events more quickly than those around us, what would or could anyone do to make it happen? It’s a good mystery without a definite answer. Right now, no one has built a practical time machine to travel temporally.

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Traveling into the future

While it’s not possible though to travel to the future fast than the speed at which we’re doing it now, it is possible to speed up the passage of time. But it only appears in small additions of time. And, it has only occurred so far too quiet a few personalities who have traveled above Earth’s surface. For them, time flies at an infinitesimally different speed. Could it occur over more extended time extents?

According to Einstein’s law of special relativity, the tunnel of time is related to an object’s velocity. The faster an object moves within space; the more moderately time passes for it related to an observer traveling at a slower speed.

The outstanding instance of traveling into the future is the twin paradox. It operates like this take a couple of twins; each 20 years old live on Earth. One catches a spaceship on a five-year trip traveling at almost the speed of light. The traveling twin ages five years while on the trip and retreats to Earth at the age of 25. Yet, the twin who stayed back is 95 years old! The twin on the ship felt only five years of time passing but retreats to the Earth that is enormously distant into the future.

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Could we ever travel into the future?

Until we can decide a way out to approach the speed of light and warp energy doesn’t include, not that we understand how to do that at this period, either, or travel near black holes or travel to black holes for that matter without sinking in, we won’t be capable to do time travel any meaningful way into the future.

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