The killer whale submarine

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If you are a shopping lover and you are planning to purchase eight days of Hanukkah presents, or those boring Christmas gifts then think twice. Well, during special festive days, we put our best efforts to check websites for deals and to compare the prices at many stores. We also do a lot of brainstorming to find perfect gifts for all your loved ones.

If you are tired of searching then this news is just for you, Hammacher Schlemmer is offering a “Killer Whale Submarine”. What an invention! This awesome machine will leave you mesmerized. Killer Whale Submarine is designed with a watertight cockpit design and it looks very sexy in the available black color. This wonderful machine actually mimics the design of an aircraft as it has all the controls which look like a plane. Now, you don’t have to waste your pre-vacation time trying to find out suitable options in the area of Sci-Fiction thriller. Killer Shark Submarine itself is real-time science fiction.

Killer shark submarine design

Beautiful sleek design in the shape of a whale makes this submarine awesome. This submarine can take a leap up to 14 feet in the air and can go deep inside the water. You can easily dive in or out of the water while sitting inside the watertight cockpit. Imagine you are diving inside the water and you can see the water around you as this cockpit is partially built with glass. While diving deep below snorkel depth, you will experience the vacuum pressure on your ears. This killer shark submarine has changed the scene of live water sports and stunts.

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The sea breacher Y is the perfect example of the water stunt. If you are using the killer whale submarine in this water stunt then you have to pay attention to the yellow ball present on the surface. This submarine can achieve up to 55 mph.

Some technical specification of killer whale submarine

This watercraft is designed in such a way so that it can mimic the “ocra whale”, this submarine can mimic the action of sprinting swim and majestic breach. It can go up to 5 feet underwater with the speed of 25 MPH which is possible with the help of snorkel attached to its dorsal fin.

Cost of killer whale submarine

Well, if you are dreaming to get this sea monster for your fun holidays then let us get you the rough price that you will pay to own one. Killer whale Submarine is available at the price of $90,000. Keep in mind that the cockpit is designed to be a great fit for two.

Before you make your mind to buy this giant for your vacations, pay attention to the disclaimer by “Hammacher Schlemmer”, “special conditions and guarantee limitations applied”. Enjoy your vacation in full swing and experience the real adventure with “Killer Whale Submarine”.

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