How long could it possibly take to get to the moon?
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There are several ways to get to the moon. This affects trip times too.

From the earliest days, the moon has been the deepest inspiration for the human and the number of people has had the dream of traveling there. In the late 1960s, some of the highly prepared and fortunate people did it. They got there in a rocket paired with a lunar landing vehicle.

Currently, a spacecraft-driven trip to the moon takes about 3 to 6 days from launch to landing. Which will include the time to travel the entire 240,000 miles, a length which can differ based on the particular path that the earth-based flight teams choose for a particular journey.

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The length of the trip can fluctuate for several other reasons. Sometimes, mission specialists decide that they need to have a distinct type of spacecraft with a different speed that would slow the trip a bit. For instance, a trip was begun in 2003, which took one year, one month, and two days. It remains the most fuel-efficient trip to the moon to date.

So, let’s imagine for a moment that it is possible to drive to the moon, say, in a minivan. Of course, it seems and feels like it would be the ultimate road trip, but how long would it take? Astronomer Fred Hoyle pointed out that at 60 mph it would take about an hour to drive out of the Earth’s atmosphere.

After leaving the Earth’s atmosphere, drivers would need to settle in for the long journey. The tour is about 10 times the distance of the border of the earth. It would be like driving the world for about ten times or more than that. Not quick or easy, but it makes for an interesting journey.

You have to keep this in mind that this speed could be different and it depends on the cyclist. Lance Armstrong’s trip would almost certainly be faster than a lot of others.

It is a wonderful thing to assume a hot air balloon trip to the moon. Sure, it is as difficult as any of these other scenarios, but imagining a hot air balloon high above the clouds or in the stars isn’t a bad thing.

How long would it take? Hot air balloons travel about as fast as an average cyclist. So, about five miles per hour. Wind conditions can affect this too. So, if you want to think about the length of time, compare this trip’s duration to a cyclist’s timing, and you’d be set.

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