Get to know about the green anaconda
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Facts & fiction

There are four species of anaconda and the green anaconda is the largest and the most famous of all four species. The green anaconda is a member of the boa family of non-venomous constricting snakes. All thanks to the popular media and myth-makers, anacondas are one of the most misunderstood creatures. What you know about anacondas might be based on pop culture rather than facts. After all, there are numerous movies and TV shows featuring anacondas.

How they look – Where you will find green anacondas?

Green anacondas have alternating oval-shaped black spots and are olive-coloured. The Latin name for green anaconda is Eunectes murinus and is also called as a giant anaconda. The other names for green anacondas are sucuri and water kamudi. You will find green anaconda in tropical South America and sometimes in the suburbs near you.

The Green anaconda is the largest snake in the world, measuring at over 30 feet long. However, most species of anacondas max out at 16 feet. The fact is that this animal is not the longest snake in the world. The ‘longest snake’ honor falls to Asia’s reticulates python.

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The anaconda is the heaviest snake in the world, reaching over 200 pounds. Female anacondas are larger than males, and can even consume smaller males during their mating season in April & May.

How do green anacondas hunt?

The snake captures the animal by the neck and then wraps its coils around the prey animal’s body. The snake uses a different tactic to kill turtles, diving birds, and other smaller prey. The snake just uses its mouth and sharp backward-pointing teeth.

Where do baby anacondas come from?

Green anacondas mate near or inside the water. The risk of being consumed by a female doesn’t deter potential male anacondas. During their mating season, as many as 12 male anacondas can pursue one female. The potential male who pushes aside others, mates with the female anaconda by embedding a plug inside the female’s cloaca.

As many as 82 baby anacondas are born after nine months. At the time of birth, baby anacondas are as long as 24 inches and reach a length of 10 feet within three years.

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