The ancient high technology- the katana sword

Japan is rich in culture and they put efforts to keep it inherent. Japanese samurai sword,” Katana” is a legendary sword that symbolizes the dedication, craft, and complete focus. Forging a Katana is traditionally a slow, intentional process.  As we know, to develop any legendary items, we need a lot of time to design it. Designing Katana is a true craft and the technique involved in its manufacturing is really hard to master.

Let’stalk about this beautiful sword which symbolizes the courage and richness of Japanese culture. By reading the below details, you will understand and appreciate the making of this legendary weapon. You can then yourself justify the difference between a true samurai sword and any hastily made weapon.

All about katana

Before we jump into the making of Katana, let’s understand its traditional values. These swords are very firm in design and were used by middle-aged Japanese people. The beauty of Katana Sword reflects in its handle. The design contains the pommel, sheath and a blade which makes this sword so special. This sword is made with a single edge and curve. It is generally 23.5 inches in total length. The best feature in this sword is the “wave-like” effect. This feature is the most impressive in Katana Sword. The blade is so flexible that it can give the effect of a wave while practicing and this effect is called “Hamon”.


If any sword is designed with this process, it means it will be durable and sharp. Katana is so powerful that it can cut a man in two with a single blow. This sword’s case is also an example of elegance and beauty.

History of the katana sword

This beautiful sword also features a spectacular and rich history.  Katana was first developed during the Kubla Khan war of Japan. The warriors were in need of a great blade which was sharp enough to cut the Armor and stay strong during battle. At last, Katana helped the Japanese to win the battle.

Process of making katana

Though the process of making katana is complex and it takes days to make it, but the end product never disappoints you. To start this authentic process, you need an authentic furnace which is called “Tatara”. This furnace is a type of clay blast furnace. In this furnace, charcoal and iron sand blend together. To remove the impurities and to blend it well, this process needs at least three days of time. Once “Tamahange” is ready and analysed for further processing, it gets hammered into sheets. From these sheets, the best sheet gets selected for making a “Katana”.

Sword maker then decides to design the katana, and to do so they need to heat the weapon. Once heating is done, they create an incision in the center and they fold the blades upwards. The blade has to face a hammer until it is not in the proper shape.

This sword must go through multiple developments in the making process. It gets strengthen through multiple layers of steel, and ultimately, after all this hustle, an outstanding “Hamon” gets crafted. Katana is not only a sword; it’s a symbol of Japanese technology and ancient culture. Katana is a reflection of bravery which reflects from its strength.