Benefits of selenium Lorne

Selenium has many positive health benefits and if you are a health & fitness freak, then this information is for you. Selenium is a natural mineral that appears in the water, soil and some food products. Based on research, it is proved that it has multiple positive effects on our health. Selenium can boost immunity and even can stave off cancer. Selenium may help to prevent cardiovascular diseases and even thyroid.

This mineral can also be helpful to prevent infertility and asthma. Let’s explore this mineral and get to know about more health benefits of Selenium.

Dietary allowance of selenium

Selenium is highly important for immune health and you can get this mineral easily from a dietary supplement or certain foods. Recommendations for the daily dietary allowances for Selenium are defined as below-

  • 20  micrograms daily for children with the age range of 1-3 year
  • 30 micrograms daily for the children with the age range of 4 – 8 year
  • 55 micrograms for the children and adults above the age range of 14 years
  • 60 micrograms for the pregnant women
  • 70 micrograms for a breastfeeding woman
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Natural sources of selenium

Consuming selenium via supplements can lead to an overdosage. There are many natural sources available to consume this mineral naturally. This mineral is present in nuts and seafood.  These sources are very rich with selenium and provide adequate quality to our bodies.

  • Some nuts like- Brazil and Walnuts are a great source of selenium
  • Fishes like- Tuna and Red snapper are enriched with this mineral
  • Some of the whole grains like- Brown rice are the major sources of selenium
Source: Furman

Effect on the testosterone

Based on the published study in the British Journal of Urology, biological trace element research, and journal of veterinary research testosterone levels may increase in males if they are taking selenium supplements. This can also enhance male fertility.

Brazil nuts and testosterone

This is proved that one 28 grams of brazil nut serving can provide 988% of the daily recommended dietary allowance of selenium mineral as these nuts are enriched with selenium naturally. They have many other positive health benefits like it can boost antioxidants in your body and they also support thyroid function. These nuts contain polyunsaturated fats which are helpful in heart health. Brazil nuts may also help to decrease the blood sugar levels which can improve insulin sensitivity in the human body.

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Though this mineral carries many health benefits, consuming it within the advised range is highly important. Selenium toxicity can lead to many problems like neurological problems, tooth decay, fatigue, skin rashes, & hair loss.

Taking selenium within the advised range will surely give you many positive results but always keep in mind that selenium may not work well if you are consuming any medicines or supplements already. Be careful about those things if you are planning to introduce this magic mineral in your diet.